"Our family’s annual photo session with Jennifer Jennings marks the official start of our holiday season. The experience is fun for our kids and it comes through in our photos. A few weeks after the session, Jennifer Jennings’s studio is the setting for the big reveal of our shots. Her studio is in a casita ensconced in a lush garden. The mood is light and airy but brace yourself for the emotional ride you’re about to embark. Bring a tissue or two! Jennifer Jennings designs our family Christmas card. She captures the nostalgia of the season and creates a special experience for your loved ones that starts the moment the envelope is opened. So many memories hang on the walls of our home. Our portraits by Jennifer Jennings are more than pictures – they are family heirlooms." - Lorene & Nicolas Rangel


 "Jennifer has been photographing me and my family for almost 30 years. Her skills are unmatched and she makes the entire process so easy, especially on the little guys.  We will treasure not only our portraits but our time spent with she and her team.  Thank you Jennifer for the memories. - Sandy Parker

"We love your work!! The photographs are amazing. Thank you!" - Stacey Ferguson


"It was going to be a special Thanksgiving in 2015. We once again would all be together for the holidays, but this one was special we have a new addition to our family.  I insisted we have family portrait and individual pictures taken. Our children were not enthusiastic about it, but I insisted and researched local photographers to get the best. I knew Jennifer from friends who have her take their pictures. I met with her and was confident that she would be able to capture the excitement and thrill of the new baby and the love of the family. Jennifer exceeded my expectations and the children were most happy with the photographs. The one of the entire family is outstanding. Jennifer captured the thrill and the love of all looking at the baby and Hannah seems to be looking at all of us. The picture of our son, wife and baby truly shows the love and awe of their first child. The picture of our daughter and son is the best one we have ever had and completely captures the love of mother and son." - Susan Heckman


"We love Heartstrings---Jennifer and her fantastic staff!!!  Our family photo sessions are always a joy!  Jennifer can always capture every moment and every move!  Emily and Alex and are wonderful at entertaining our 4 yr old son and always making him smile! Thank you Heartstrings for making wonderful memories for our family to enjoy years ahead." - Amy & Todd Barnes


"Jennifer Jennings is definitely one of the best photographers in San Antonio.  She has done both my son and daughter's senior pictures and did an amazing job!  First she did my daughter's and when Iviewed them for the first time I had to cry because not only were they beautiful, she most importantly captured the essence of my baby girl who is all grown up now.  Not many photographers can do that!  When it was time for my son's senior pictures she did the same thing. I sat there crying with this one shot, I don't even remember her taking, mesmerized by the solemnity of the photo that told a story to me of how I remember and know my baby boy who is now a man.  Jennifer is amazing!  Jennifer Jennings is the only one I would trust to capture these very important milestones in my family's lives. She has proven that to me not only with my photos but also those of many of my friends.  She is the best!  I can't wait for her to do our family portrait." - Patsy Davis


"We absolutely LOVE the portraits that you made of Christopher and Daniel.  You are an amazing artist and have such a great way of bringing out the fun for the boys while you are taking pictures- they loved you and are pleased with the results!!!    Thank you for the beautiful memories that we will cherish forever." - Joan Edelen


"Jennifer is beyond an artist-she is a miracle worker. The experience of working with her is pure joy in and of itself. She has done everything from our family portraits and Christmas cards to our daughters senior pictures and bridal portraits, and her work is beyond exceptional. She works her magic with a large family in the great outdoors as well as one on one at the most intimate, precious moments in life. I am blessed to know her and enjoy her photography daily in my home and office, framed and in indescribable photo books she puts together for us. She has become the visual author of our family history. I really don't know what I'd do without her." - Kris Held


"Working with Jennifer and her crew was a most delightful experience!!  She knew exactly what would look best for each of my children and the portraits came out breathtaking according to me and everyone that see's them!!!  Excellence at it's best." - Martha Pina Garcia


"Dear Jennifer, I wonder If you even have a clue as to how much joy you bring to our family! The portraits that you have done for our family over the years are my most prized possessions. There really are no words to express my love and gratitude for your friendship and talent." - Sue Paciocco