About Jennifer



As a portrait photographer for over 3 decades, I have made my living creating images that speak of personality, style, and character.

Among the thousands of photographs I have produced, the strongest images – always- are portraits of people.   Large extended families, High School Seniors, CEOs, mothers and their babies. 

I love to photograph people in their environments, their homes, places that are easy and comfortable.

What is it about photography that makes my heart thump loudest?  It’s the “one on one” portrait session, photographer and subject.  It is arranging the light on a face…the faces of a newly engaged couple, a child, an attorney a high school grad, a baby.

My experience over the past 32 years feeds my passion to create the inner portrait of you.  I believe strongly in allowing the subjects of my portraits to be themselves.  Photographs immortalize the people, places and events in our lives; they preserve our family heritage and history.

A portrait remains eternal – how will you save the moment?